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List of 80 Relationship Topics To Debate

List of 80 Relationship Topics To Debate

We must admit that we yearn to address and understand certain things the way our loved ones see them. You can make interesting debate topics funny and still achieve the goal of viewing another person’s opinion. In this article, you’ll find funny debate topics for couples, as well as extremely funny debate topics for friends. You can add the topics here to some good funny debate topics of your own.

Funny debate topics for friends

  1. Friends should have each other’s back even when they don’t deserve it; true or false?
  2. Should friends hang out with each other more than with their spouses?
  3. Who should settle the bill when you hang out?
  4. Should your friend pay rent if they’re squatting with you?
  5. Is it weird to tell your friends that you love them?
  6. Is it okay for friends to get jealous when they find true love?
  7. Would you let your friend take a beating for you?
  8. Does “Bro code” apply when you have to choose between your lover and friend?
  9. Should friends tell other people’s secrets to each other?
  10. Bullying is a great way to start awesome friendships
  11. There should be boundaries to letting your friend into your life
  12. Is it proper to have a sleepover at the opposite gender’s house?
  13. Should friends be a determiner for important life choices
  14. Females can never have male best friends that have no sexual thought towards them
  15. Would you choose your friends again if you had a chance to?
  16. You should choose your friends, and not let them choose you
  17. Building trust is more difficult than breaking it
  18. Is it proper to be friends with your friend’s friend?
  19. Getting matching tattoos with your best friend is illogical
  20. Have you ever stabbed your friend’s back?
  21. Many people are not always genuinely happy when their friends do better than them.
  22. It is only proper to address your friend’s mother as your mom
  23. People who get you in trouble shouldn’t be considered friends
  24. Would you tell your best friend that their partner is cheating?

Good funny debate topics

  1. Is it rude to tell your friend that they have a body odor
  2. Nothing can break the bond of true friendship
  3. Opposite sex best friends hinder a potential sexual relationship with other people
  4. Would you take a blow for your best friend
  5. Should friends always patronize each other’s business even when they are unreliable?
  6. Should every close acquaintance be called friend?
  7. What is the best way to handle sexual attraction between best friends
  8. Friends can be called family; true or false?
  9. Would you let your sister date your friend?
  10. Would you date your sister’s friend?
  11. Is it ideal to tell your friend you have a crush on his sister?
  12. Becoming roommates with your friend ruins relationships
  13. Opposite gender best friends are friends with benefits
  14. Boys never give their best friends bracelets or rings
  15. Can you speak up for your friend when they are not around?
  16. Would you break your friend’s arm for a billion dollars

Funny debate topics for couples

  1. Should couples move in together before marriage?
  2. Public display of affection is gross and should be kept minimal
  3. The less busy person in the relationship should do the dishes
  4. Who should bear the children; him or her?
  5. Your spouse should have full access to your passwords and social media accounts
  6. Should there be locks on your phone if you’re in a relationship?
  7. Should couples have premarital sex?
  8. Who owns the wedding; bride or bride’s family?
  9. Should couples sleep in separate rooms even after marriage?
  10. Does social life after marriage get better or worse?
  11. Who should propose marriage; him or her?
  12. Love marriage and arranged marriage: which is more interesting?
  13. Couples don’t have to disclose personal issues of friends to each other
  14. Should flirting with other people be considered cheating?
  15. Best friends; Is it proper for your spouse to have best friends of the opposite gender?
  16. Do all couples have to wear matching outfits?

Best ideas on how to make interesting debate topics funny

  1. Gender equality: should couples switch roles now and then?
  2. Is it ethical to employ your spouse in your place of work?
  3. Is there something going on with the secretary?
  4. Relating with your spouse’s family members should be taken more seriously
  5. Has online dating done more good than harm?
  6. Couples shouldn’t have sex before marriage: true or false?
  7. Should there be “self-interest” in relationships?
  8. Couples fighting regularly is a sign of a healthy relationship
  9. Should all couples open a joint bank account, even without marriage?
  10. Men are more inclined towards having sons than having daughters.
  11. Who should apologize after a fight; the man, woman, or whoever is wrong?
  12. When is the ideal time to announce a relationship?
  13. Who is more complicated in a relationship?
  14. Do gay couples have to always play gender roles?
  15. The best time to thrash out a fight is when both parties are no longer angry
  16. Feminism affects relationships negatively
  17. Should bad habits be dropped or adopted when you get into a new relationship?
  18. The biggest distraction from our life goals is finding love
  19. Is it best for the wife to change her last name to her husband’s name?
  20. Should men do a better job of remembering important dates in relationships?
  21. Partners should understand every of each other’s expressions without having to speak
  22. Would you remain with your partner when the wrinkles start showing?
  23. Does taking a break from each other always mean the end?
  24. You should never expose your vulnerability to your partner


Whether you’re looking for good funny debate topics for couples or friends, you should make your interesting debate topics funny.

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