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120 Funny Debate Topics

When it comes to debates, people often think that there should be no humor involved. They imagine discussing global warming and life-threatening situations in a precise manner. However, there are many ways that you can make debates appear less complicated or boring and more interesting. This way, you can make popular debate topics funny as you pass the message across.

Making The Best Debate Topics Funny

Making debate topics funny is often a challenge to people. They wonder if there are rules to make good debate topics funny enough to spike the interest of people. Generally, to decide on funny topics to debate, you just need to look beyond how grave things are and embrace the positive way out. To get you started, there is a funny debate topics list in this article compiled specially for you.

Funny debate topics on lifestyle

  1. Do women talk more than men?
  2. Life would be easier if kids could talk from birth
  3. Should nudists carry an 18+ warning sign everywhere they go?
  4. Are women complicated or misunderstood?
  5. Would you rather be happy and poor or rich and sad?
  6. Is it better to remain in an abusive relationship with a rich partner?
  7. Is it better to go back in time to change things or go forward and skip the present?
  8. Do brains matter in a beauty pageant?
  9. Should nudists be allowed to tour the world?
  10. Males or females; who is more social media-friendly?
  11. Do people prefer iOS to androids?
  12. Are Apple products overpriced?
  13. Would you tattoo your name on your forehead?
  14. Why do people get addicted to body art?
  15. Would you rather contact lenses or permanent eye coloration?
  16. Is it better to tone or tan the skin?
  17. Is every straight woman bi-curios?
  18. Are feminine men always gay?
  19. Can a woman be feminine and feminist at the same time?
  20. Can an atheist believe in superhero movies?
  21. Would you accept a million dollars to burn your certificates?
  22. Is trap the same as rap music?
  23. When is the best time to register with an insurance company?
  24. Are anti-racist laws racist?
  25. Is it better to be Male or female?
  26. Why can’t soda replace water?
  27. Should people be given better or no rewards for recovered lost items?
  28. Are superheroes in movies awesome or exaggerated?
  29. Would reading people’s minds be considered cool?
  30. Do fishes have a life underwater?
  31. Why should superheroes have sidekicks?
  32. What age difference should certify a relationship perfect?
  33. Do boring people know that they are boring?
  34. Flying is not as fun as driving
  35. Seeing a movie at the cinema is overhyped
  36. Do vegetarians have meat cravings?

Funny topics to debate on marriage and family

  1. Who should bear the children in marriages?
  2. Are white weddings necessary?
  3. Do open marriages last longer?
  4. Should kids pick their names themselves when they get older?
  5. Would you rather have a wedding ring or a tattoo?
  6. Which age is considered too old to adopt a child?
  7. Does your mother-in-law have a say in your marriage?
  8. Who should propose to the other person?
  9. Is love enough to keep a marriage?
  10. Why do teens hate their parents?
  11. Why are parents afraid of their teenage children?
  12. Is it okay to cheat on your partner with your ex?
  13. Who should initiate sex talk with the kids?
  14. Should people sever all ties with their ex when they get married?
  15. Would you rather your kids called you by name?
  16. What is the proper way to address your underage kid who masturbates?
  17. Is the girl child or male child more difficult to raise?
  18. How often should you spank your kids?
  19. Do men need to be pampered in marriage?
  20. Would you date a small or huge man?
  21. Would you be comfortable with your husband checking out guys?
  22. Should there be a change in dress sense once you get married?
  23. How long should marriage last before both parties get tired of each other?
  24. Who should call the shots on hiring a help?
  25. Are children raised by working mothers more independent than those raised by stay-at-home moms?
  26. Should couples get married unemployed?
  27. When is the right age for marriage
  28. Should premarital pregnancy be a yardstick for marriage?
  29. Who should gather the child of a cheating wife?
  30. Is it okay for a dad to peck his daughter on the lips?
  31. Can the bride wear a pantsuit on her wedding day?

Funny debate topics on health

  1. Are girls overactive about their menstrual cycle?
  2. What is the best way to tell someone they have a body odor
  3. Would you kiss someone with colored teeth?
  4. Why do people smoke despite the risks involved?
  5. How can we help people get over the phobia of needles
  6. Are nurses really rude or just misunderstood
  7. Should doctors be old men rather than attractive?
  8. Should female gynecologists attend to male patients
  9. Why do drugs have side effects worse than what you’re trying to cure?
  10. Would you rather be a doctor or a nurse?
  11. Are healthy foods boring?
  12. Should people substitute food with supplements?
  13. Are people obsessed or you’re just underweight?
  14. Is fat an offensive word?
  15. What is the appropriate size of breast implant one should have?
  16. Do the lips need to be bigger?

Funny topics to debate on education

  1. Why does detention have to be hours of silence?
  2. Is detention the best way to punish students?
  3. What should be the appropriate dress culture for students?
  4. How should bullies be handled?
  5. Is research more important than taking notes?
  6. Should students take exams compulsory?
  7. Homework should be scrapped
  8. Should scholarships be for a selected few?
  9. Should colleges adopt a Montessori pattern of lecturing?
  10. Are extracurricular activities more important than main school work?
  11. Does boarding school encourage nasty behaviors?
  12. What is the best punishment for exam malpractice?
  13. What should be the true test of knowledge?
  14. Do students have to pay for lunch?
  15. Are books more important than video documentaries?
  16. Do night school do more harm than good?
  17. Do college fraternities do more harm than good?

Funny debate topics on politics

  1. Are old people better leaders than the youths?
  2. How often should elections be held?
  3. Are there better ways to decide who leads the people?
  4. Should rigging of elections be considered a crime?
  5. Should there be an age limit for eligible voters?
  6. Is suicide bombing the smart way to go about terrorism?
  7. Would you rather vote or be voted for?
  8. Monarchy works better than other kinds of government
  9. Will democracy in its purest form be better?
  10. What is the role of the first lady of the state?

Sex and attraction topics

  1. Is French kissing an invention from France?
  2. Do men like it when a woman screams in bed?
  3. Why do men consider an uptight woman to be a challenge?
  4. Are men’s forearms more attractive than their necks?
  5. Do women prefer dark-haired guys to light-haired guys?
  6. Are skinny guys better in bed?
  7. Guys find short girls hotter than tall girls?
  8. Who set the standard for the perfect body shape?
  9. Is a public display of affection irksome?
  10. Does attraction have to always end with sex?


There are many available debate topics funny enough for any audience. You can pick one from the list of topics to debate funny above and get started.