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Fun Debate Topics for Middle School

Fun Debate Topics for Middle School

Middle school is where a lot of growing up happens, and where the curiosity of students is heightened. There are many funny debate topics for students regarding school, social life, or family. These topics often arouse the interest of curious students who want funny topics to debate about. Here, there’s a specially put-together list of funny debate topics for middle school students that you should check out.

Funny debate topics for middle school

  1. Do students enjoy going to school every day?
  2. If you were made principal for a whole day, what would you change in the school system?
  3. Should all students go to boarding school?
  4. Would you see a movie at home or in the cinema?
  5. Schools should dedicate a period to playing video games
  6. Should girls’ sleepovers only be about girls?
  7. Do middle school students need to use smartphones?
  8. Should parents be licensed to homeschool students?
  9. Homeschooled students and classroom schooled students should be allowed to meet and greet
  10. Sex education should be properly taught by both parents and teachers
  11. Does peer pressure influence every child’s dream to ride a bike?
  12. Parents should not interfere in the social life of students
  13. Smartphones are extremely important for middle school students
  14. More students are asking people to help them out with homework
  15. Should parents be invited each time a child faults at school?
  16. Every student should be made to compulsorily ride the school bus

Funny debate topics for middle school students

  1. Homework should be reduced to the barest minimum
  2. Should students be made to sit through math class?
  3. Should schools consider using more movie illustrations?
  4. How often should students use the restroom?
  5. Who should be allowed on the school’s debate team?
  6. What should be considered private for middle school students
  7. What age group is the right age for middle school children?
  8. What is the importance of cartoons for learning?
  9. Would students have a hard time adapting to puberty and schoolwork?
  10. How best can bully-victims defend themselves
  11. Should kids be allowed to order food for lunch?
  12. Would you rather solve your math problem or ask someone to do it for you?

Funny topics for debate competition

  1. Do students who work part-time do great at school?
  2. When is the ideal time for students to start dating?
  3. Should backpacks only be carried on the back?
  4. Who should students tell their problems; parents or teachers??
  5. Homework and pop quizzes do more harm than good to student’s mental health
  6. Can more camping activities be incorporated into the school curriculum?
  7. The teaching strategy of teachers should be evaluated often
  8. Why are hall monitors arrogant?
  9. Should pictures on the school’s yearly magazine be full-length pictures?
  10. What better excuse can students adapt to escape boring classes
  11. Math should not be a part of the school curriculum

Funny topics to debate about

  1. Middle school students would rather have their weekends start on Thursdays
  2. Sports activities shouldn’t be for everyone
  3. Should both genders be separated in class
  4. Privacy: should parents and teachers go inspect students lockers on certain days
  5. Is it healthy for middle school students to be well acquainted with social media?
  6. How best can middle school students be prepared for the technical world?
  7. Students should be allowed to wear whatever they want
  8. More excursions should be organized for the beach
  9. Halloween: should parents let their kids go to parties organized at night
  10. Should middle school students be allowed to work after school hours?
  11. Do all middle school students hate students in higher grades?
  12. How effective are friendship cycles in shaping the social life of middle school students?
  13. Do friendships from middle school often last till college?


The most interesting funny debate topics for middle school students are often related to the classroom because everyone participates. Whether they are funny topics for debate competition or curiosity, the funny debate topics for middle school mentioned here are a great help if you had no idea of how to begin.

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