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List of 70 Funny (Hilarious) Debate Topics

List of 70 Funny (Hilarious) Debate Topics

Funny debate topics are the new trend for making debates interesting. There are funny debate topics for students in general and specific funny debate topics for college students. Either way, the hilarious theme remains prominent.

Funny debate topics for college students

  1. Is the idea of college overhyped?
  2. What age is right enough to go into college?
  3. Is peer pressure dominant in college?
  4. Can anyone be bullied in college
  5. Why do high school girls prefer college guys?
  6. What are the prominent courses in college
  7. Are the extracurricular activities in college too extra
  8. Every college boy belongs to a fraternity
  9. The final year in college takes its toll on students
  10. It should be mandatory to attend graduation ceremonies
  11. How great is the grading system in colleges
  12. Scholarships students should not be discriminated against
  13. College parties should be allowed in dorms
  14. Professors and students should hang out often
  15. The college dream is an overhyped one
  16. Teachers should be allowed to date their students.
  17. Should all college classes be held online?
  18. Do college students cheat during exams?
  19. Exams and tests should not be made compulsory
  20. There should be more practical and less theory in colleges
  21. College may be home for finding true love
  22. College students deserve special opportunities for internships
  23. Should college students be allowed to go about with weapons?
  24. Many college students know better than the professors

Funny debate topics for students

  1. Do athletic scholarships distract students from school work?
  2. Should college students be made to wear uniforms?
  3. Can college moms bring their kids to school
  4. Should students be tested for drugs yearly?
  5. Projects are not necessary
  6. Sex education should be well taught in schools
  7. Classes should be compressed to hold once a week
  8. Parents should not be allowed on college grounds
  9. Homeschooled students need to get college certificates
  10. Staying in campus dorms should be mandatory
  11. Colleges should only employ old professors
  12. Do college students discriminate?
  13. There should be rules to students dressing
  14. Students should get money rewards when they do great
  15. Students should be allowed to decide who would lecture them
  16. What is the right age to admit students into colleges

Funny topics for debate competition

  1. Schools should have no access to students’ computers and gadgets
  2. Medical drug testing should be conducted before admitting students
  3. Students should be paid monthly
  4. Should college computers be remotely controlled?
  5. All students in public schools deserve scholarships
  6. Students shouldn’t worry about paying back student loans
  7. Colleges need armed security guards
  8. National politics should start from college
  9. Lecture halls should have free wifi
  10. All school activities should be done in night school
  11. The school library should not be restricted
  12. Owning a car should be a part of school criteria
  13. College students should be allowed to marry their teachers
  14. Students should be given extra credit for good looks
  15. Should professors keep a lethal weapon for cases of self-defense
  16. The school timetable should be decided by students
  17. Schools should organize evening get-togethers for students and professors
  18. Government should rotate college teachers every year
  19. Expelling students is an infringement on the right to education
  20. The library needs fewer hardcopy books and more soft copies
  21. All college students above the age of 23 should get automatic graduation
  22. Admission into colleges should exclude athletic abilities
  23. The requirements for school admission should be cut down
  24. The salaries of professors should be determined by how well students do
  25. Physical classes are not important for college students
  26. Vocational training should be given more consideration in colleges
  27. School holidays should be shortened
  28. Should students be given the power to grade their professors?
  29. An examination isn’t the true test of knowledge
  30. Colleges still bask in their past glories


Funny debate topics for students can serve as good options for simple informal arguments or funny topics for debate competition.

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