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50 Funny Debate Topics for High School Students

50 Funny Debate Topics for High School Students

High school is home to a lot of academic activities, with debates being a significant part. While some students would gladly participate in debates, many others would shy away. The best way to capture the attention of high school students during debates is to make it more fun and less boring. There are many funny debate topics for high school students. The options are often inexhaustible and would leave you wondering which ones are the best funny debate topics. Be that as it may, you can make a selection from the list of funny debate topics for high school in this article.

The best funny debate topics for high school students

  1. Do teens hate their parents, or do they just find them annoying?
  2. Should the legal age on drinking be adjusted to accommodate high school students?
  3. Which school extracurricular activity is the best?
  4. Would you rather go to school even when you’re late or skip school altogether?
  5. Would students prefer an attractive teacher to an unattractive teacher?
  6. Is the summer holidays too long or too short?
  7. Does detention make students turn a new leaf?
  8. Should high school students have access to birth control pills?
  9. Should sleepovers be incorporated into school activities?
  10. The wealth class segregation in schools is fuelled by the school authorities
  11. Do juniors see seniors as bullies?
  12. Are the extracurricular activities a little too extra for high school students?

Funny debate topics for high school

  1. There is no justifiable rationale for teachers prohibiting the use of phones in class
  2. School buses should replace driving to school
  3. Teachers should consider wearing uniforms
  4. Public and private schools are extremely distinct
  5. High school students shouldn’t have to work and learn
  6. Do senior high school students need to
  7. Lockers should be designed with cooler features
  8. Why do excursions have to be supervised by teachers?
  9. Are school authorities oblivious to how bad cafe food tastes?
  10. Should students be allowed to get tattoos
  11. Why is picking out college often a tough decision for senior students?

Best funny debate topics

  1. Should grades be tattooed on the arms of students
  2. Should senior high school students still be grounded by their parents?
  3. Is there too much freedom granted to high school students?
  4. Pop quizzes are a great way to make students fail
  5. Summer school does more good than harm
  6. school elections are a little too extreme for student posts
  7. Is prom an unnecessary yardstick for indiscipline in schools?
  8. Can the parent-teacher relationship do better?
  9. Should schools consider enforcing a foreign language course into the timetable?
  10. Should beauty pageants be organized in a high school environment?
  11. Does the math teacher realize he’s boring?
  12. Are first years more nervous than frightened to start high school?
  13. Should clubs be canceled in schools?
  14. What is the best way to punish students for cheating during exams?

Great picks for a funny topics debate

  1. How evident is the contrast between high school in movies and high school in real life?
  2. Dies picking out a date for prom have to be so dramatic?
  3. Who are the brightest minds; boys or girls?
  4. Do high school students need a restriction to internet accessibility?
  5. Do teachers do a good job on sex education?
  6. If you can successfully scale through high school, you can survive college.
  7. Why is there always a sarcastic black friend in every teenage clique?
  8. What are the most realistic ways to enforce the school dress code?
  9. The library is the best place to gossip
  10. What happens after graduation?
  11. School clinics are highly under-equipped
  12. History or math: which one do students hate more?
  13. Is the high school certificate important?


Funny topics debate is far more interesting and engaging than regular topic debates. If you’re a student in high school, the selection of funny debate topics for high school in this article is for you.

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